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Read his post

jaemin wrote:
I think it's very dangerous to learn
jo and ken from books or video tapes.

You should find a good teacher who
knows the relationship between aiki
jo(ken too) and aikido techniques.

Or you'll learn three different things.

aiki ken
aiki jo
aiki do

It's really dangerous... -.-
He is doing exactly what you told him to do Iwama is the most traditional of the weapon/taijutsu mix schools. Saito Sensei has integrated his weapons into the complete sylibus of his style. What JC was likely asking for was additional training aids that would help him remember everything for when he is training on his own. I use Mitani's Iai book to go through all the kata's I know in MJER. Not to learn from just to remind me which is which. After a while they all start to blend together. BTW I have resisted the urge to look ahead in the book I have. Mostly because I have enough problems with the ones I know.
As for an answer to his question. Dave lowery's book on Jo and Ken show the basics but you had best "know" them because they aren't learning books just aids. The Crane Sensei's tapes are Iwama styles weapons and one could learn from them though I agree with Jeamin one shouldn't do that you miss way to much. Though with Saito sensei's book becoming more available here in the states, those are your best bet.

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