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Re: Dojos in N. Japan - need advice!

Adam Garrison wrote:
I know that the late Rinjiro Shirata Sensei had a dojo in Yamagata (right?), and that John Stevens teaches in Sendai when he is not traveling. Is Shirata Sensei's dojo in Yamagata still operating, and alive with his spirit of traditional aikido practice? If so...then I will be excited and hope that I might be able to train there. If not, can anyone offer any suggestions concerning the dojos in Northern Honshu? I appreciate any advice or information that anyone has to offer.
There's a list of Yamagata dojo at , the Aikikai home page also has a list of Aikikai dojo throughout Japan at .

Stevens has (as far as I know) a group going. If you're in the area I strongly recommend that you check out Funakoshi and his group.



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