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Re: False sense?

Eric Joyce wrote:
I have a question to the group that I have been pondering for awhile and I would like to hear some feedback from the rest. My question is….can too much cooperation give us a false sense of doing a technique correctly?
Yes. No. Maybe.

According to motor skills theory, motor learning occurs in 3 stages - cognative, associative and automatic.

I think, with sufficient awareness, aikido style training is superb when in the cognative stage.

However, the technique needs to be drilled with the similar mechanics as the real thing (speed, timing, force output) beyond that for it to gel, IIRC.

I think Jane or Oper can fill the rest re: General Motor Programs, geometrodynamic learning etc. I can't be arsed at the moment, though it love this jazz. ;-)


Though I suppose I can make the effort to copy / paste this link

It's all good, just keep a dictionary on hand ;-)
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