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Re: One thing to consider

Well, after an indepth reading (ie: 1st sentance of of 1st post)...

Some thoughts -


-"I hate Aikido and anyone who does it"


I have a pet theory as to why MMA'ers hate aikidoka, but...also Meh.

Sounds like a communication problem / different expectations / not respecting the other guy kinda thing. Maybe a little primadonna-ism (Medical term, I swear)

Also, ignorance is bliss.

To sum up -

(1) Meh

(2) Communication problem between the two

(3) ignorance is bliss

PS: I just realized I answered a related thread over at R.M.A. On the topic of injuring your partners. -

"I hate this shit. Hate it with a passion. Not only is it dangerous, but its arrogant. I ain't your chew toy, fuckwit - I've got a family to feed and a job to go to tommorow"

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