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One thing to consider

I think that another thing to consider when it comes to post like the one linked above is "What are they calling an Aikidoka?"

I've studied Aikido about a year. I'm fifth kyu, I understand but need a lot of work on the basics. Does that make me an "Aikidoka?" I use it, sure. I know the philosophy and principles behind Aikido. But if I were to step on the mat with someone who uses Judo, I'd probably get tossed around like a rag doll and if that person is a jerk, their impression of Aikido is that its a joke!

Aikido is only as impressive, dynamic, workable, useful... as the person using it. No more and no less.

Let all the macho jerks of the world keep their opinions. Personally, I'd rather they all think that way... it'll keep them off guard for when they meet a TRUE Aikidoka who will simply just own them.

2 cents.

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