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Just to clear something up......
Why does one never see such hateful threads on this site?
Such threads are here. They tend not to last long, but they do show up from time to time.
Reading the insults and other rude or otherwise overpotent words made this distinction between Ki Aikido and other martial arts even more obvious to me.
Um.... That's an internet forum with it's own culture. It's likely that most of the people there wouldn't use the same language if speaking to someone face to face and people are disciplined on sherdog's when they cross the boundaries of that forum's guidelines.
And perhaps a final thought - I simply cannot think too highly of a site where a colour of a belt labeled under the username is a means to define the "weight" of someone's words.
The "belt" indicates how long someone has been a member of the forum, not rank in any specific martial art/martial style.

Best advice has come from Lynn:

Now get back to the mat.


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