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As I am merely a beginner in my thoughts might seem a bit (or more than a bit) naive to all of you. But still, the most obvious impression after reading the thread on Sherdog site is that the words express a lot of violence and that they are ment to insult someone, namely aikidoka.

A couple of rhetorical questions to contemplate upon: Why does one never see such hateful threads on this site? Could the peaceful nature of Aikido be the reason?

My impression of Ki Aikido after a year's training is that violence is exactly what we are trying to avoid. Some of you might disagree, however, the way of peace, serenity, least agressive action etc. remains the main goal in my personal training.

Reading the insults and other rude or otherwise overpotent words made this distinction between Ki Aikido and other martial arts even more obvious to me. Not that I mean anything bad about other martial arts or those that train them. To each his own.

And perhaps a final thought - I simply cannot think too highly of a site where a colour of a belt labeled under the username is a means to define the "weight" of someone's words. If you have something to say, say it and let the words express your mental state, feelings, character or spiritual level on their own. If nothing smart comes out, then simply take it as a challenge and train harder Hiding behind a coloured belt is in my opinion pure vanity. Again, no offense ment!
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