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The very first post in the thread is written by a person who is angered with an Aikidoka's behavior.

And that person is right. The Aikidoka in question clearly had more ego problems (derived from false self-confidence which was being ruined by this Judo guy) than the average Judo guy.

If he joined a Judo class then he should behave like he's expected in a Judo class, and not try to make everyone else behave like they're in his Aikido class.

He should accept "losing" in Judo, learn and get on with it instead of whining all the time.

There's a lot of Aikido practitioners with this kind of attitude.

There are even blackbelts (who wouldn't be able to pass their shodan test now if their life depended on it) who always say "Go easy whoa whoa" when one tries to give a sincere attack, give cheating insincere attacks as uke, stop technique 100% in it's tracks, with a fake smile on their face (because hey in an Aikido class you better smile !), in order to "show how to better do it", and when you start to pull it off, they will let go and roll "dignifiedly" by themselves, giving you no feeling of connection or anything whatsoever.

This is the kind of person who would behave that way in a Judo class.

So yes a lot of the complaints in that "I hate Aikido" thread are actually true.

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