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Smile Web Accessibility


Very nice site --- I really like the variety of instructional material you've uploaded for your students.

You may, however, wish to reconsider your current Flash entry page and navigational menu for the sake of accessibility and universal design. It would be wise to either add a link to (or even replace your current front page and menu with) an html link-based menu not only for those who do not have Macromedia Flash installed (as Jun mentioned), but for people with disabilities who may wish to find out more information on your dojo and may be unable to use a mouse to point and click to each section of your site. A couple of examples would be:

- someone with a mobility disorder which prevents them from having the dexterity to maneuver the mouse well

- someone with blindness or a visual impairment who would not be using a mouse, but whose text-to-speech screen reading software (and thus their entire Internet browsing experience) is solely controlled by keyboard commands

As things stand, unless someone is using a mouse, they cannot even get past the front page to access the information contained within the site; and even if by some chance they were able to get in, they would not be able to use the menu to access any of the internal pages.

For more information on Web Accessibility, and to learn about how to make webpages accessible, you can visit:

Hope this is of some help --- best of luck!

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