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Chris Raywood
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I read your post, and must admit the thread bothered me a little too. But if it makes you feel any better, I'd like to make the following points.

1) The threads on the forum in general seem (at least to me) quite juvenile.

2) The respondents on the third and fourth pages of the particular thread seem a little more respectful, and do reprimand the original post.

3) Go to sherdog forum, click "other", then click "the archives." There is another aikido bashing thread there too. Now read it, and tell me if it isn't the biggest crock of manure you've ever seen. The guy is lying through his teeth, and you'll get a good feeling for what I mean by juvenille.

4) You are not in a competitive martial art, and I'm afraid that there is little you can do to impress certain people that are in competitive arts.

5) In my opinion, the art that you, and I are learning is street effective with techniques that have been distilled from historically proven methods. I know this to be true, since the techniques I am now learning are variations of techniques I have used in the previous arts that I have trained in, AND I KNOW THEY WORK!

Anyway, its 1:00 a.m. where I am, and I'm dead tired. I hope I'm thinking straight right now, and haven't offended anyone. I guess I had to say what I said. Take care.

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