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That was a very funny thread.

Had some truth to it though.

Many self proclaimed "fighters" simply cannot understand how Aikido works until they get bounced off the mat a bit. Tho I'd admit that there are Aikidoka as well who are in the same category .

It's kinda hard for these guys to admit that after years of honing one's physical strength and fighting skills that it may be possible to be defeated by someone who does not break a sweat in the proces.

If one were to enter into that forum to "defend aikido" they would be doing exactly what could cause defeat in reality - being enticed to engage the enemy in his domain under his rules.

I think if one becomes infused by those statements they should ask themselves why - if their words are not true then it should not bother us.

Most judoka/jujutsuka/mma folks I have met have been very respectful folks. Those who were not either stayed very far and muttered comments or stepped on the mat and understood the helpless feeling of being hit by the earth.

It's all good. Either way we learn something.



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