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Eric Joyce
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[quote="Alec Corper"]Hi Eric,

Maybe a different take on the issue of co-operation. Use kuzushi in such a way that uke co-operates whether they want to or not. This seems to me to be one of the essential arts of Aiki to blend with the attack and then lead it in such a way that ukes attempt to regain balance and centre lead inevitably to the waza.

I like that take. My sensei and I talked about that a lot. What's cool about kuzushi is, it's not a big movement. It is that little movement that allows you that "fraction of a second moment" to apply the technique. Uke may move, or may not move. But in order for it to work, you make him move i.e., kuzushi. I agree whole heartedly on that. A major component of aiki techniques that I don't see to often. Maybe, and this is just a theory, that sometimes we get so excited and focus on cooperating to much, that we forget a very important element in executing a technique. As always Alec, I appreciate your insight.

Eric Joyce
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