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Eric Joyce
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paul watt (paw) wrote:
What would such an environment look like?
The environment, IMHO, would be an environment where nothing is said, nothing is scrutinized and the status quo remains. When I started aikido, I was in that environment (this was a big school in Chicago), everyone was just falling, rolling, ukemi, tanking, whatever you want to call it. This was not only mudansha, but yudansha as well. Now I am not picking on the school....far from it. But, it was frustrating to see. People didn't question things or talk about why this works and why that doesn't. I understand what people mean by cooperation and so forth. Too many people have been telling me the reason why it didn't work was that was a lack of cooperation and harmony. When I hear that, that tells me there is too much dependence on cooperation. I just don't want to see or hear that lack of cooperation becomes an excuse for bad aikido techniques.

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