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AikiTom wrote:
The more you see, the better you should understand.
As many have said, some in this forum, in Aikido there is really only one technique - the more you see, watch, and bounce it around in your head, the more likely you are to understand the statement. And, then in the future sometime, you will actually view it as when in a jiyu waza series, you do a technique that feels exactly as an aikido technique should, and you suddenly realize, it's nothing you have a name for, or have done before. It was that one technique, one time, in one moment.
I actually think this is a beautiful post and the only part I disagree with is the better you should understand part. Sorry, but it only gets less clear as time goes on. Maybe one too many high falls?

Anyway a beautiful description of what I've felt semi-regularly on the basketball court and more rarely on the mat.
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