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Anders Bjonback
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HOLY COW! You guys are so wise!

Being attached to humiliy--that's right!

But you know, I think that I'm more unselfassured, or whatever the word is for it--and sometimes arrogance is an expression of it.

I have become attached to being humble, partially because I have seen what arrogance and intellect can do, in my high school friends. But I need to see that being hard on myself, being a perfectionist, and being unselfassured are not humility.

As for a teacher who has it--every time I go off to explore another lineage of Buddhsim, when I come back to my sangha and hear Sogyal Rinpoche give a speech on video, I am always inspired. It's like what he says is said directly to me, and it always has directly to do with my life.

But I've got to remember what he says--I don't want to be like a pot with a hole in it (one of the wrong ways to receive the teachings)--whatever teachings are put in it leak out.

After a certain point in meditation, it's like the checklist of things to accomplish are just done. You're in harmony with all things, you're truly in touch with yourself and others... When you integrate that into your life, others naturally like you, and you make dependable friends. So I don't need to try to change myself or make myself humble--what I really need to do is get in touch with what I really am.

But I think it's more than practicing and I naturally just "do" when I meet a teacher who has "it." The student's state of heart and mind is also a part of the process. Even if a teacher has "it," I can still be too caught up in my own stuff to notice and still be too concerned with what the right and wrong way of doing things are.

"For peace and happiness are presences, not objects we can grasp and hold onto."
--Lilian Smith
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