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Eric Joyce wrote:
Another thing I noticed was that kuzushi was applied incorrectly. A lot of the techniques that I saw, ukes balance was given back to them in the execution of the technique.
That's a common problem. I do it myself more often than I should, but continuously taking your attacker's balance is both a keystone of effective technique, and hard to learn.
Have any of you actually thought about a technique and analyzed it (with a training partner, another dojo, or a practitioner of another art) to see why it did work? Or, why it didn't work? I would be interested to hear what others have experienced.
Yes, that's how we train all the time. Except when working with very new students, we are trained to notice and point out weaknesses in nage's technique. This is not the same as actively resisting the technique. Rather, we attack continuously until we are thrown. We are constantly alert for things like when our center is given back to us.

Normally is something goes awry with the technique, we stop and work with nage to figure out what adjustments need to be made. As nage, we don't try to muscle through techniques. It's much better to learn where a slight adjustment needs to be applied than to learn how to muscle through incorrect technique.

I don't think one should have to go outside one's own dojo for this kind of training. Of course, it's always nice to work with people from outside your dojo, I'm not putting that down. It just seems to me that if your day-to-day training doesn't address your concerns about people tanking on you, then the rare (for me anyway) occasion to work with other people certainly is too little and too late to help in a big way.



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