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Fausto Marta (Fausto) wrote:
A week ago I went to meet other aikido practitioners, we did Shomen Uchi Irimi Nage and all of them did Ukemi before I touch them, I didn't like that cuz they were anticipating the throw. I didn't had to touch them for they to fall..... bad thing bad thing, I think.
There is a problem. I know that sometimes people fall before I have thrown them, and sometimes I do it, usually if I am worried about getting hurt.

But there is another distinction. If we are doing say tenchinage at high level, we can go two ways. In one, uke doesn't fall until touched. In this style, nage has to hold back to avoid breaking uke's neck. In another style, we go through and uke has to fall before being touched. The danger is when wires get crossed which style is being used!

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