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Re: Re: Saito sensei's path was wrong?

Jane Tao (ikkainogakusei) wrote:
I have great difficulty imagining that H. Saito would ever say that, and when training in the dojo, my sensei -does- discuss differences in for between M. Saito, and H. Saito sensei and the differences are more about being more side or forward facing at a certain point in a technique. The 13 Jo awase has some differences, but in no way have we deviated so much as to reject M. Saito Shihan's teachings.
my teacher is a student mainly of M. Saito sensei but of course as uchi deshi has been taught by H. Saito sensei numerous times too. He also discusses the differences between them, there is sometimes slight variations in the pin or in some of the weapons but rather than changes they are more like H. Saito has reverted to the old ways in which M. Saito had taught.

A lot of the changes that H. Saito has now changed back were brought about by M. Saito travelling to do seminars and finding that the techniques had been misinterpreted so he came up with simplified versions of the techniques. So there is some change.

But as far as rumours go, like all rumours it has probably been stretched by several retellings so it now hardly resembles the original fact, if there was one to begin with.

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