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I'm really sorry about upsetting all you guys.

And it really seems that some of you didn't read or understood my post correctly.

David (sorry about using forenames but this a forum) - you state that "I seem not to have knowledge about martial arts -text- -text- cause my thread is stated -text- path -text- can I explain -text- etc"

Of course I need to worry about such rumors. In Estonia you don't get much MA news and if someone tells you something you have to make sure weather the information was accurate. (Unluckily a lot of bad things happen in MA and it really happens that someone by accident or intentionally does and teaches for decades some very bad and stupid things. I'm glad this wasn't the case.)

Of course I cannot explain what that path was. I heard such a statement as I wrote in my previous post so it was not up to me to define what that post was but up to that person who made that statement (in this case it would have been the next leader of Iwama but luckily all that stuff turned out to be just a rumor).

But otherwise I'm very glad to read that others as well are concerned with how and why and the falsification of what we do.

Because I am very much convinced that we cannot very effectivly practice with exactly the same methods as 200 years ago (Hai sensei! Oss sensei!) Because the life isn't the same as 200 years ago.

Unluckily shotokan karate do in Estonia has fallen into a very deep pit of selfishness and false truths and so it struggles in there and has problems... But that's a very different subject...

My point was: to get information about a certain thing. I accomplished that. Thanks to everyone who helped.
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