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paul watt (paw) wrote:

LOL! You're getting so defensive and emotional. Stop and think about this.
Who said I havn't?
At no point am I suggesting that aikido does not work or cannot work.
Then what's the problem?
You're assuming I don't. That's a poor assumption.
I don't assume anything. I explain that I know it works and many more with me, therefor I (and most as it seems)don't feel the need to change the way aikido is being taught for the sake of self sefence purpose.
I know more people have successfully defended themselves with no martial training of any kind than people have defended themselves who had training. I'd bet this is statistically true worldwide. Therefore, no training more successful than any training, so why bother?
I would say that there has been very few cases when someone training in aikido had to defend him/herself at all. That says it all I think about this art.
Really? So budo doesn't involve physics, gravity, body movement, timing, coordination, balance? Strawman argument based on emotion, not common sense. BTW, Kano settled this in 1886 during the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department challenge.
yes it does! And so does aikido, as it has been trained by most since it got it's name. Still can't compare it with sport regarding it's effectivnes. Sport works. Aikido works. Aikido not a sport. No correlation!

What did Kano settled more than what a cagefighter settles today? What has that got to do with aikido?

Jakob Blomquist
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