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How can it then be disingenous to suggest that among other things aikido will give you a means to preserv you and your surrounding?
LOL! You're getting so defensive and emotional. Stop and think about this.

At no point am I suggesting that aikido does not work or cannot work.
The only way to truly understand this is lots of training in aikido.
You're assuming I don't. That's a poor assumption.
I don't have to have combat/sparring training to know it works since myself and many more have been in situations enough to know it works.
I know more people have successfully defended themselves with no martial training of any kind than people have defended themselves who had training. I'd bet this is statistically true worldwide. Therefore, no training more successful than any training, so why bother?
This is budo, not sport, not basketball or anything else. It's non-compareable.
Really? So budo doesn't involve physics, gravity, body movement, timing, coordination, balance? Strawman argument based on emotion, not common sense. BTW, Kano settled this in 1886 during the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department challenge.


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