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paul watt (paw) wrote:

If you're not being sarcastic, then I pose the same question I did earlier: is it ethical or honest to make any combative claims about aikido then?
What the.. Yes! why not? If you mean that people claims it's great for self defence, I beg to say it is! It is great for self defence! I train only aikido (no pumping, running, boxing, compeeting etc). I've been in a situation were I was attacked by two men without warning. I wasn't hurt; they weren't hurt (more then their pride). Is it the person and not the system? Perhaps... but I would bet money on that someone (probably me) would have been hurt hadn't I trained aikido. Hence I would say aikido WORKS! It has nothing to do wether Alfonso was sarcastic or not in his statement. Aikido works; Since it does, why would it be un-ethical for people that know it does to say it does. No-one (I've ever trained under anyway) has claimed that people training aikido will never get his/her ass whoopt, but that wouldn't be aikido to blame. It worked (and works everyday) for me, visavi it works. Don't you think so? If not what do you base that on?


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