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Alec wrote
O Sensei's teaching is reconciliation of opposing forces, which is impossible if we are personally in conflict with what we are trying to practise
I agree, and I also feel that O Sensei's teaching was resolution of conflict. So another aspect could be resolving the conflict within ourselves. Ahhh applications.

Phillip wrote
So, does this imply there's more than one reason to practice aikido? I'm just finding this out now?
Let me respond to that question with another question -- Why did you start Aikido? And then ask, why did anyone else start aikido? I'm almost sure that my reason is different from yours. I'm a 150 pound weakling who needed to learn how to defend himself. How 'bout you?

I can't remember who said it or if I imagined it, but someone once posted that even changing your attack while nage/tori is going through the technique is insincere. I'm going to have to call "that depends". If you are new to the art, and learning the techniques -- then yes it is unfair. If nage/tori has been doing the art for years then it might be good to change direction a little for him. My sensei recently successfully demonstrated for yondan. And one of the things that a visiting sensei asked me and the others in our dojo was to stop somewhere in the middle of the technique. The reason for this was to get our sensei to open his mind to other techniques. He was specifically doing this for Oyowaza and Henkowaza (sp?). It was really hard to do. Especially when your balance is gone and you're trying to get it back while following through with the technique.

Alec wrote
Aikido is a superb MA, it's only shortfall lies in it's practioners, not the art. If these dicussions are about how we can improve our practise, fine, if they are a venting of people's personal doubts why not say so.
I agree, that's why I am asking David Valadez for clarification on what he means and what he is trying to get across.

Some people get into the mode of expecting everyone to live up to "their standard". In the process they forget that everyone is unique, and the standard is really lame. I like the buddhist thought on expectations. Get rid of your expectations. It makes life more interesting, and can be a lot of fun. It also allows you to be more adaptable.

Lynn wrote
Relax, breath, and enjoy yourself. Now, lets get back on the mat
Amen to that.
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