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I've been following this thread, and one thing I see is that there is a lot of confusion on what you really mean David Valadez. You tend to obfuscate what you're asking and saying with a lot of philosophical rhetoric.

This may or may not apply, but from what I see and understand you are referring to the sincerity in the strikes. I believe in being sincere in all of my strikes, but since most of the people that I work with are all below yudansha (myself included, we only have 3 black belts in our dojo), I have to adapt my sincerity so I don't hurt the person I work with. In all honesty -- who wants to work with the jerk hurting everybody. But when you find the limits of your training partner and help them push those limits, then it becomes really fun for both of you. Sometimes you throw harder than they are used to and they find out "Hey! I can actually do this!!!" which then moves them to another level. OR they go kersplatt, and you feel like a jerk. But most of the times it's "Hey!!! Excellent."

I think Ahmad and Alec make a good point too. But then it may just be semantics. If your goal is to actually hurt your partner, then you are in the wrong place. NO respectable MA appreciates or wants that type of behavior or attitude. I tend to agree with other masters of other arts (Wing Tsun, Pa Kua, etc) that the dojo is a place of learning and we are all "family". We all have different skills, and abilities, and reasons why we are there. Can't we work together? Become unified?

What is your point to this thread? That we should all strive to develop a sincerity in what we do? I agree. Aikido is a Martial Art. There is a martial side to it and an art side. Without the art it is only self-defense, without the martial it is not effective in self-defense.

As mentioned earlier, some people are in the dojo for many different reasons. Socializing, health, self-defense, whatever. In my book, that's all fine and dandy. Hopefully, we can work hard and have fun, learn tons, and get along, get healthy, etc.

Thanks Derek! Your post clarified some things for me on the Shu-Ha-Ri text. Great way to learn things. And then you can add on applications, derivations, expansions -- making the technique unique and your own.

Hope I haven't offended I'm just seeking clarification.
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