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There are so many problems with semantics in such a discussion. People say "combat" when referring to "real" training. I don't care how real your dojo training is, it is not combat. Combat is not win or lose, it is live or die, the only rule is survival and there is no technique except the spontaneous response.

A "street fight" is not the same as a "street ambush". Most MA, including Aikido, will prepare a person, if they train with intent, for an argument that goes physical. No MA, IMHO, can prepare you to be blindsided and stomped by 3 or 4 people at once.

By all means let's make practise more intense, accurate, focussed, conscious, and a host of other words that can be used in a dojo, but don't tell me it's "real". As one Aikijutsu teacher once said referring to Aikido randori, "its fall down and stand up again practise. In a randori we should begin with 4 or 5 and end up with none if our techique works and the attacks are "real", but we would soon run out of ukes.

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