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Sheesh -- I don't deserve to be placed in the same sentence as Chuck and George unless we're playing "Which one doesn't belong?" Of course, that doesn't preclude me from putting my mouth forward (perhaps with the chance of my foot being put into it).

I think it depends. In a "perfect" situation (in other words, in one that pretty much never occurs), the concept that I take "takemusu" to be occurs. The technique becomes born right then and there without preconception.

This, of course, is difficult. As Chuck says, you're going to have to listen. And whether you take the approach of practicing preset forms (kata) to get there or by learning about the flow and creativity, I think it's up to the individual practitioner to realize what makes "it" work for him or her.

I'm not that good, of course. Heck, I sometimes feel like I can only throw people if I manage to trip on my hakama in such a way to accidentally take uke's balance. Maybe that's why I tend to wear such long hakama...

-- Jun

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