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paul watt (paw) wrote:

If the most stressful thing a student does doesn't come close to combat, isn't it a dis-service to make any claims towards self-defense?
I had the (un)fortune to be attacked by two guys in full daylight recently (on my birthday at that!!). I must say for me I never was stressed (surprised and later confused yes but not stressed) when it happend. I remained calm and tossed them as they came (the first tried to suckerpunch me, the second kick me) and then called the police. I was actually more worried afterwards that I had hurt them and that they were going to sue me, but they weren't (hurt that is!).

I personaly find the dayly training much more challanging than that event. But that's me. Then again I have since long convinced myself that what I do work and I always see people around me as potentional partners in the dojo (i.e. the world), and so hopefully never have the doubts that could make me freeze when I shouldn't. That time it worked! They were my partners nothing more.

Oops way of topic!

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