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As you know Aikidoists are amongst the deadliest of the deadly and sparring would bring about a catastrophe of biblical proportions. The water would run red with blood, plague would be in the streets, the oceans would foam, the sky would darken for the end would be near.
It's funny that you mention it because that is EXACTLY what happened last time we tried it at our dojo. We though we were doing something wrong, but I guess sparring in Aikido is just like that. Took a hell of a long time to clean up the mats, I can tell you, and we haven't tried it since.
Many times it's infront of a sensei and senior students they don't regularly train with
Why not? Is that some kind of fundamental violation --- sensei and senior students don't train regularly with the "unwashed" kohai?
I think the idea is that many places, kyu testing is done by a number of dojos together and so there are unfamiliar people on the mat (like at a seminar).

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