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i find that gradings are stressful, because when i take a grade i do it for my teacher
Is that why you train? For your teacher?

While I certainly agree that a grading doesn't come close to the stress of actual randori or combat, for many organisations it's the closest they get.
If the most stressful thing a student does doesn't come close to combat, isn't it a dis-service to make any claims towards self-defense?
Many times it's infront of a sensei and senior students they don't regularly train with
Why not? Is that some kind of fundamental violation --- sensei and senior students don't train regularly with the "unwashed" kohai?
I'm not trying to say it is a valid substitute for the sparring you find in other arts, but if you take as a given that that's not available
Why is it [sparring] a given it's not available? Was Tomiki wrong?

Is sparring about winning? Most boxers, bjj'ers, judo players and, yes, those Tomiki folks would say "sparring" is about learning.

To return to the issue at hand, and Liane's last question, my own personal opinion are gradings are so subjective, why not just award them without an "exam"? Works for me.


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