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When I first started training in Aikido I was expecting someone to invite me to test when I was good enough. People would join the dojo, test and be promoted but not me. I'd put them on my left when we sat in ranks and then move them to my right as soon as they out ranked me. Just about the time that I was starting to get discouraged I discovered, by chance, that they were expecting me to be logging in my time. Alas, I also came down with the flu. I then discovered that the testing master at my dojo has a very strict understanding of the time and training requirements. If you stop for a moth or so you go back to zero. It took me four years to make sixth kyu and it's been fifteen months since then and I've recently been told that I don't meet the requirements to test for fifth kyu at the end of this month. I may not be learning Aikido but I'm starting to understand patience.

So, I would certainly encourage everybody to ask to test. It couldn't hurt.
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