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Generally, the denser the wood, the heavier the suburito can be for a given size; otherwise, does it really matter? The more important thing is how heavy do you want the suburito? 1, 2, or even 3 kg? What about he point of balance? 15, 20, 30 cm from where the tsuba should be? For what purposes are you using a suburito? To strengthen your upper body? To swing something that more resembles the weight and balance of a shinken? To impress women? It all depends...

If what you're after is something close to the weight and balance of a shinken, my guesstimate is a weight of 900-1400 g, with a POB 13-18 cm from where the tsuba should be. Getting that POB may be pretty hard with a single piece of wood; you'll probably end up with a POB a bit further out than that. Just my opinion of course...
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