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Re: Re: The misconception of "budo"?

Don J. Modesto (Don_Modesto) wrote:
Thanks for the erudite post.
Did you know that I had to look that word up?

Erudite: possessing or displaying erudition

Erudition: extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books

Now I understand... Anyway, dictionaries aside, I was hoping that Goldsbury-san will actually come down and critiscize my post.

To Chris Li:

Actually you're right, the bottom part could also be the kanji for foot, "ashi" (), with the "head" () cut off.

Maybe the answer to this is not black nor white. Maybe it's an esoteric thing. Most will translate it to the "Martial Way" and the spiritualist could translate it to "The Way of Peace".

But, I'll wait for Goldsbury-han.

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