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Any fairly large bookstore will have a section on martial arts, Aikido included. If you have some time to kill, just visit one and flip through some books. I can recommend Saotome Sensei's books, "The Principles of Aikido" and "Aikido and the Harmony of Nature"; they have great pictures and explainations.

Unfortunately, pictures can be deceptive. I just came back from a seminar with Ikeda Sensei (thanks Musubi Dojo for making me feel welcome!), and if I took pictures of what he was doing, I'd miss at least half of what he was really doing because his movements have become so small and subtile.

Best advise I've ever received:
"Don't just stand there, do SOMETHING! The fact that you may have failed doesn't matter, it's HOW you failed. Go down swingin'."

Scott Tanaka
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