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Mathias Lindqvist (Mathias) wrote:
2: i did that a couple of times, did a technique on the first jab. But as you say: jabs are often without much commitment so it can be hard to take ukes balance without adding muscle. Especially if uke is a lot bigger than you.

Thank you for the replys.

/ Mathias
if the jab is without much commitment treat it like the wet turd it is, soft and smushy, don't touch it and don't respond to it so you can be open to something with real commitment.

Even a quick jab that's loose on the way out and not much from the hips, but is still intended to disrupt your center will have some tension in the arm/shoulder on the withdrawal that can be exploited because he has to deal with the rebound energy to stop from smacking his own body. Anything less is just a wet turd.

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