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Straight Face Re: Freestyle training problem

What does training as usual mean ?

Does that mean in a dojo with a teacher with experience who can give you some tips when you are having trouble or does that mean putting on gloves in someone's backyard on you own without guidance and just goofing around ?

Don't take this the wrong way. I just wonder when I see this kind of post where the teacher is ?

I could make several suggestions, but for all I know without seeing what you are doing, it could just be a basic like not having a good up-down movement to unbalance the hook or over rotating the hip if you choose to do a pivot with a larger angle. Problems with maai.

as for a jab, a deflection with the mirror hand that gets you forearm inside the V of his arm can work nicely if you follow the withdrawal with you whole body trapping the jab arm with both your hands and continuing the lead of the elbow back behind his hips breaking his balance. If you lead is soft (without tension) and movement unified, an explosive jab/fake can become a pretty spectacular back breakfall.

Lately, I have been experimenting in anticipaion of the Aiki Expo wih some Systema exercises to respond when caught flat footed (for example - bad maai).

The results were interesting.

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