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Unhappy Freestyle training problem


Yesterday i was at training as usual and we did some "freestyle" training. It was fun and a real learning experience. In one exercise uke put on boxing gloves and was told to really try to hit tori in the face, the attack was gyaku/oi tsuki or a more boxing style hook. What really surprised me was that it was actually easier to do the techniques.

BUT, when we added a jab to the attck it got really hard. I found myself being able to do a irimi movement to avoid the jab. If uke was jabbing with the left hand i did irimi (ura) of the hand and when the right hand punch came i tried to move i the same direction again (omote) i was often caught with the weight on the wrong foot so i could not move!

The only thing i could come up with to solve the problem was to do a technique on the first jab. but it can be hard to take ukes balance because he is not really putting any power into the jab.

Any suggestions on some exercise i could do?

Sorry for the long post...

/ Mathias

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