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Thanx guys; I was talking about it with Jill Sensei today; it was our first full class together since the test. She told me that: Yes; the 5th kyu stuff wan't very good, yes, they should have been better, but Tsubaki Sensei tested them considerably harder than most 5th kyu tests; certainly harder than my actual test I took last November.

Also; it was an odd test to begin with; she suspected that might have thrown me off. There were two of us testing; she for her Shodan and myself for yonkyu. Tsubaki Sensei had us do our tests at the same time - we did hitori-waza and ORE's together; then she knelt seiza while I butchered the 5th kyu; then I'd sit seiza while she did fantastic on her test. Then we reversed again; I did the 4th kyu (not too badly) and she finished her weapons work and randori. She suspected Tsubaki Sensei might have been forcing the 5th kyu issue a bit in order to rattle me; seeing if Id lose ability on the 4th kyu - he'd been doing a lot of that during the seminar. Fortunately; the 4th kyu techniques went off with only one fault called - looking at uke during the pin in ikkyo. Under the circumstances; she said I did all right; and approves of my intention to start from the beginning again.

So; I feel a lot better about the test; not that I was really bummed before. I was looking forward to throwing myself into the 3rd kyu work; now I'm looking forward to really delving back into the 5th kyu - so all in all; I think the test produced some excellent results.


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