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Matt Banks
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I train in Yoshinkan Aikido. An example of how similar the tecniques are in jujutsu and aikido is that the head of our club in england Soke Eddy Stratton was awarded a 6th dan Jujutsu by Bob Maters's (WJJF) Aikijujutsu federation.
Jujutsu styles are soooo varied, eg huntai yoshin ryu jujutsu is basically all sword work. There are massive diffrences. In the styles of Aikido such as Yoshinkan and Iwama which I suppose are considered ''hard styled'' are just like jujutsu in terms of hard tecnique. I spoke to a 7th dan in jujutsu in London about what he thought the main diffrence between aikido and jujutsu. He said, in Aikido they aim for devasting tecniques with flow and spiritual aspects, which in jujutsu they only train in and get towards much later in their training. He thought it was a shame most jutsu schools didnt train like aiki. He explained that learning jujutsu from the begining is like karate katas and brawling and to put it in his words ''there not aiming to be enlightened warriors like you guys''. I will say that the pre war styles of aikido are more similar to jutsu than any others. You might like to know that for fun I entered an amatuer jujutsu competion in devonshire and I got silver without extensively training in jujutsu. I just got a book on the rules of what you could and could not do, and used what I learnt in aikido. when you talk about do we do ground work in aikido. If you join a good club of Aikido they will deal with it. At the end of most sessions we have a ''back to back'' using guard and mount position tecniques. If your perplexed by the gracies, dont be. Their focus on helio side is money, they sue other family members etc etc for the right to the art. The introducing more and more competion, more worried about merchandise than the actual art. Give it a decade and it will have been corupted beyond belief.

Matt Banks

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