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i bet heaps of u have argued which one is better & more effective. ^_^ but here goes... i am interested in pursuing either aikido or ju jitsu and since this is an aikido website, i think some of the readers out there might know a bit about these 2 martial arts.

i have tried some introductory ground fighting techniques based on brazilian ju jitsu, but i find a couple of these techniques not applicable to the real world (maybe i am wrong). for example, if u r in the guard position, can't a attacker go for your groin??? but i guess it's useful to know what to do in case some big muscular fella does a bear hug and pulls u to the ground and starts to pummel u with his fists and elbows (which was demostrated to me in a carpark).

does aikido involve techniques to counter an attacker who is sitting on u and smacking your face non-stop or choking u till u pass out (like what joeysola said)? i know the best way is not to get pulled down, but some times it can be from behind, totally unsighted and unavoidable. does aikido involve any ground work/fighting, leg locks, arm bars, take-downs etc?

another question, what are the basic differences between aikido and ju jitsu? does one art concentrate on one technique more or something else?

sorry if i touched on a nerve. but i am a newbie wanting to know more before taking the deep plunge in. and yes i will be visiting aikido and ju jitsu schools to see how they train.

to summarise, i just want to know which of these 2 arts r better to defend myself against most attackers? and which art is faster to learn so that one can apply his knowledge if needed. i know each art has it goods and bads.

any comments will be much appreciated!
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