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Talking Is Aikido Good for Everyone, Including My Mom?

My mom is visiting and asked me this very question last night. Actually, she asked me if Aikido would be good for her. She is 59, 5'6", 140#, and has a history of back problems (from C-Spine injury 10 or so years ago). Maybe it is only my percetion, but she seems to be getting more frail by the day.

She picked up quickly from my discussion that she would have to be thrown, while she was learning to throw. While I believe that how she falls is probably more important than if she is thrown, there is the protective side of me that would insert caution.

From the spiritual, mental side, it would be great for her. From the physical side, I think it depends in large part upon what her doctor would advise, who she would have for sensei, and what the attitude of the dojo is. I hear of seemingly frail 70-something year old men all the time practicing Aikido, but have never heard of a 60-70 something year old woman practicing. Anybody know of any little old ladies they know could send an attacker flying in a heartbeat?
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