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I nearly flattened two women at work by opening a door with noticebly more power and speed that is usually warranted for opening a door.

Recently a co-worker's 7-year-old son was running amok around the place.

It was end of the workday, so I took him to our giant empty kitchen, and he started doing various Karate Kid impersonations and "attacking" me. He also insisted on bowing first.

I spent a while showing him how to do a highly bastardized sankyo ("... and in the end, just duck. No, don't lean forward, just duck straight down.").

Anyway, even though he did a bunch of fast, disorganized and uncommitted strikes, they were fairly predictable and I used the opportunity to try Steven Seagal's method of one-arm deflection of two incoming strikes.

Also I made him run in circles a bit with a pre-kotegaeshi "on top of arm" thing. Inertia is fun.

He also started running after me trying to headbutt me in the stomach, so I just started swirling around out of the way, over and over.

After a while I found the easiest way to keep someone so small away from me is by their neck.

When he started really getting out of hand and running behind me as I was trying to leave, and kicking me in the a##, I put him into a little ikkyo and told him to stop.

Yes, just like Bob S., I too like to abuse little kids.


Also probably 1.5 years ago some homeless guy raised his fists at me (and that's after I gave him a dollar !) and I instinctively continued his raising motion in an ikkyo-type movement which made him stumble away.

Drunk inertia is fun too.

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