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Eeeek! Sorry for the late reply... I've been working like a dog and totally spaced out since may!

The chiropractor I went to before was ... lacking that bedside manner. Breathe innnnnnnnnnnnn CRUNCH , breath ouuuuuuuuuuuuut. ~shudder~ Thus I was apprehensive , but my hubby set me up with an appointment with a family chiropractic clinic when I came home to visit on July 2nd.

The doctor was very sensitive and gentle. Before he even touched me, they did some scans of my spine. Heat readings , energy , all these really nifty tests. Low and behold as I look back to the screen, my spine was lit up like a Christmas tree, all green and red ( both no so good. Blue= good, aligned properly.) When it came time to set my back, I was relaxed and I felt just the barest hint of pressure before everything was back in place. For two weeks afterwards I felt great, The usual pain that shot through my body was almost gone. I hadn't realized just what was to feel good and healthy. After being miserable so long, I guess I kinda forgot

...but I screwed things up. We have these stairs, made of steel that go down to the basement in a spiral to the base. Genius that I am, I'm, just a couple steps down and I slip. I honestly think that if I hadn't had my ukemi skills (however rusty they've become) I would have broken my back. I just put it out of alignment again. ~sigh~ Just have to start all over again :P

When everything is said and done, those two weeks before I hurt my back again, I never felt so great. I was able to join in with my best friend doing an old ballet routine we did together as kids. Walking a mile o2 two with the dogs was wonderful. I think the key all along was in my spine. I had a rough start in life and just kept being rough on my self (Car Accidents, falling off horses... stairs eeek!).

I think me and *Chris (me hubby) are going to continue to go to our Chiropractor and see if we can both take the pain out of our lives. It beats months of testing with no answers, medications, addictions and nagging worry that there is something we haven't thought of

Thank you to everyone for their responses


*On a side note: Chris practiced aikido too, some years ago. He was actually the one who encourage me to begin aikido. He would be practicing today, but suffered an on the work site injury a couple years ago, ending up with a herniated a disc.

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