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Re: Aikido's true use


Believe it or not, I have had several occasions where real life Aikido prevailed. One of which was when I was visiting an offshore medical school on the island of st. kitts/Nevis. I was on the beach of St. Kitts walking up to a shack to purchase a coke while my Dad was still floating around out in the ocean. There were people playing vollyball, hanging out, etc. ONe of the natives had a machete and took off running toward everyone shouting, "Who wants some, who wants some" in a jamaican type accent. Althought I felt he was only being playful I viewed this demeanor as insane. The native ran toward me and I was not going to take a chance. I dropped my expensive $2.60 10 oz can of coke in the sand and burriend him in the sand with a kote-gaeshi variation. He repeatedly said with his accent, "Just playing man, just playing". I told him that running at people with a machete was not viewed in good spirit. I swung and stuck the machete in a side post of the hut and returned to the ocean.

Well, probably not worth posting but I thought I would share. Have a great day.

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