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Aikido's true use

I believe Aikido to be the worlds most effective self-defense mothod ever concieved. True many Martial Arts can create great fighters. I have never meet anyone as though as some of those Maui Thai folks, as fast kicking as Tae Kwon Do, as dojo serious as some of the Karatekai, and there are very few martial arts that can match the beauty of Chinese Kung Fu. Aikido however can best all of this by simply being appliable to everyday situations. A few hours ago I was hit while driving my motorcycle by a drunk driver who had run a red light. I was throw off my by bike. After a very good 4.0 Ukemi I dusted myself off, said a prayer. Then went to try and speak the best chinese possible. I smiled ask if he was okay, and he paid for the repair on my motorcycle. Bringing harmony to a situation with broken harmony is why Aikido is so great.

Okay enough of my nonsense.. Does anyone else have any cool everyday life stories about Aikido training really came in to play?

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