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During this open conversation it has been established that Aikido is combat effective. Unfortunately not all encounters are the same. What works in the middle of a Middle East desert may not work at 2 a.m. in New York city.

Every soldier attending Basic Combat Training recieves two solid weeks of rifle marksmanship training. I saw few of my classmates go from no experience with weapons to consistantly knock down the 300 meter target. Accompanying the M16 was bayonnet, grenade, and machine gun training. So I'm pretty sure that the senior leadership isn't looking for another way to kill the enemy.

I know GJJ is easy to teach and is good physical conditioning. It may help sagging moral and bring back a warrior mentality. I do not believe that a hand to hand martial art will be a serious cause of enemy deaths in the next conflict. The battlefield has changed from when MA's were oftentimes the difference between life and death.

Martial arts are more beneficial to the regular military for the mindset they help produce than as a combative skill. The SpecOps community will probably continue with their own training programs.

I'd rather do Aikido but I wasn't consulted. Thanks for your time.


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