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Beginner Teacher "Survey"

Hi everyone,

So I asked on Aikido-L a few days ago, "What do you think are important characteristcs for a teacher of beginning aikido students?"

Some of the characteristcs people have brought up have included:

* patience
* understanding of students' problems
* connecting to each student as individuals
* self-confident
* sense of humor
* humility
* desire to learn
* ego in "control"
* still a student him/herself
* honesty
* sincerity
* encouraging
* contagious enthusiasm/passion for the art
* displays genuine desire to teach
* good understanding of basics
* many years of aikido/teaching experience
* real talent for aikido
* good ukemi ability
* keeps things "conservative" - nothing flashy
* demonstrate ukemi as well as technique
* good pacing of class
* understanding of incremental progress
* connect teachings/techniques/principles through class
* clarity in physical demonstrations
* clarity in verbal communication
* ability to interpret reactions
* ability to teach one thing at a time
* willingness to take ukemi for beginners
* open to answer questions about technique and philosophy
* uses various modes (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) of teaching

So. Here's a bit of a "survey" for people with too much time on their hands.

If you had to give numerical "values" to some or all of the above characteristcs (as well as any other characteristics you may think of) so that all of the values added up to 100, what values would you assign to each characteristic?

For example, someone who thinks that a beginners teacher only needs good technique, is patient, and has a good sense of humor, taht person might return something like:

60 = good technique
30 = patient
10 = good sense of humor
100 = total

Anyone want to try giving it a go?

-- Jun

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