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Exactly Linda;

I'm on vacation in Northern Greece and basically am using the time to do just that. First day my toe suffered a casualty because of my shoe reliance but at least I've stopped hobbling now. The bottom of my feet are quite tough in some places through my regular Aikido and Judo training but not in others. I also just want to remind my feet what 1 million years BS (before shoe) was all about.

The great warrior Shaka Zulu had his compatriots toss their sandals and as an army they became invinsible. Hey I know there were other factors but I think of these guys as I walk through the scrub watching real careful like for the snakes.

Linda Morimoto (kung fu hamster) wrote:
Try going barefoot a lot, walk outdoors in the grass and run along the beach on the sand and pebbles. If you can't do that, maybe get a large flat pan and fill it with gravel or pea size pebbles (or dried peas) and 'walk in place' for a few minutes several times each day...that should toughen up the bottoms of your feet!

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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