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Re: Loosing control?

Justin McCarthy (justinm) wrote:
How important is it in your aikido to have control all of the time? If you stopped moving at a random point in the technique, would you have control over your uke, or do you depend on the momentum of the movement to maintain control?
One must start with complete physical control of attacker using leverage in every moment of a technique. Controlling leverage is done simultaneously on the joints that lead to the center of attacker. Once those joints are correctly and completely locked we can use a tension made by to affect a center to create and maintain kuzushi.

This is very basic level.

It is not enough to master it only when uke helps and happily cooperate. Progressively, uke must have a freedom to resist, and make counters.

Next step, it is to create AND maintain physical control from dynamic prearranged attacks.

Then come random attacks.

During this processes of learning, other skills are developed, unconsciously. These skills will be used to ad some non-physical control of attacker.


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