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Aikilove wrote:
him, by his Daito Ryu techniques. And before this event Ueshiba was renowned as highly skilled and unbeaten practiser of MA. I'm not sure how well Mochizuki mastered Daito Ryu compared to O-senseis Aikido, but Daito Ryu is a complete MA and probably takes even longer to master that Aikido (if that's possible).
I've never seen anything, ever, to suggest Ueshiba was a renowned martial artist at this point. He trained for 20(?) years in the Daito Ryu. When his Omoto-kyó mentor (Onaisaburo?) persuaded him to open a dojo and give classes he began to build a reputation. Many years after meeting Takeda.

Aikido is, in part, a distillation of hundreds of Daito ryu techniques into a small number of principles. O Senseis mastery was in attaining the level of insight required to acheive this. He never recieved his Daito Ryu Menkyo kaiden. Don't confuse the written length of a cirriculum with the arts "completeness."
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