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I really hate these divisions between different martial arts. To me you use what is appropriate. The ideal martial artist should be able to strike, throw, pin, grapple and also run away very fast ('cos no-one is unbeatable in all situations). I would agree with Jakob (above) in that Daito-ryu covers more stuff. However I feel Ueshiba took the best of daito-ryu and made it into a simple system, so that you could defend from various attacks with an appropriate technique but still had the opportunity to practise one technique enough that it became instinctive.

I think aikido is a good martial art to base everything else on i.e. learn aikido, then learn extra bits from other martial arts.

The extensive use of aikido/jitsu in the forces and services is probably for several reasons:
1. ability to brake limbs/kill people (rather than just trying to beat them to death with your fists)
2. ability to pin/control people (capture/arrest)
3. ability to fight armed people (inc. bayonets)

These are also reasons why there is a difference between a martial art and a sport.

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